melanie marino dietitian about
melanie marino dietitian about food

In recent years, I have beaten several illnesses which has increased my passion for nutrition to maintain health and prevent disease. My love of writing and media work has allowed me to engage with a larger audience and spread a realistic, entertaining message that is backed by science.


My career has seen me assess everything from corporate menus to childcare ones. I’ve melded humour and fact through interviews with Channel 7; The Herald Sun; Cosmopolitan and Women’s Fitness Magazine.


I am passionate about improving nutrition for our babies and children so that they can have a healthier life. My children have taught me to take a humorous, real approach to cooking and eating. Our kitchen may be packed with healthy food but my kids still call me mealy Mum.


A love of cooking, eating and travelling has influenced the way I consult and write about diet. I have experienced life in many cities from pristine Hobart to old London town. My experience has taught me that realistic, fun advice will more often than not be the perfect recipe for success.